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I get many emails each day and usually the problem could be fixed if you:

1. Follow the Tutorial instructions exactly

2. Use an ISO file from a valid source (use the MD5 hash to check the ISO is not corrupt).

3. If your ISO is 'special' in some way, try it with a standard ISO first (e.g. try with standard Windows Install ISOs - see External Links page on this site).

4. Try booting using QEMU (use the RMPrepUSB QEMU button) or VirtualBox+DavidB's VMUB utility (see Tutorial 4)

5. If using a USB Flash drive - test it using RMPrepUSB Quick Size Test or FakeFlashTest - many Flash drives are fake!

If you have a query about RMPrepUSB or any of the Tutorials, please email me (Steve).

Please state in the email:

  1. Please tell me the Tutorial Number you are following!

  2. Exact software/ISO versions used

  3. USB Drive Type(s) (Make,Model,Capacity, Fixed disk/Local or Removable type as indicated by RMPrepUSB?)

  4. Details of the system you are using to boot the USB from (Make/Model/BIOS revision/type of drives)

  5. How can I reproduce the problem myself (step-by-step) - e.g. how did you format the drive, what filesystem, where did you place the files, etc.

  6. Does this issue occur under Virtual Box or QEMU?

  7. Did you omit or change any of the steps in the Tutorial?

  8. In what way does your equipment differ from say a normal notebook with one internal DVD drive and one internal hard disk?


Please give all details of OS, model of system, model and size of USB drive and step by step instructions on how I can reproduce any problem. Also provide details of what equipment you are using and how you used it.

RMPrepUSB INI files

Please send any new RMPrepUSB language.ini files to email me .

You can use, a DropBox link or a similar service to upload a file and add the download link into the email if it is too big to include with the email.


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