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Introduction to the Tutorials

The higher the number, the more recent it is. i.e. Tutorial #1 is very old!

Nearly all of these tutorials start by making a grub4dos USB boot disk. Once you have made this boot disk, you just need to add the 'payload' files (e.g. an ISO or perhaps the contents of a CD or DVD) and then edit the menu file (menu.lst) so that you can choose the added files as a boot option.

If you are looking to boot linux ISO files, Windows Install ISOs, memtest, Hirens, Ophcrack, etc. then check out Easy2Boot to make your own multiboot USB drive in minutes and configure it just how you want!

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Try FlashBoot for 99% Bootability!

RMPrepUSB can make a USB drive bootable, but some very old BIOSes may have problems. I recommend FlashBoot if you need to create a USB drive that will boot on 99% of systems. Please click here to test a trial version and see if it works for you.

Click here for a Tutorial and how to use FlashBoot with Easy2Boot.