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Supported languages (all translations are kept in the \LANG folder):

    • Catalan - Translated by BennyBeat

    • Chinese Simplified.ini - Chinese WinPE Lover [tms2010] xiaohaizi02009

    • Chinese Traditional.ini - Chinese WinPE Lover [tms2010] xiaohaizi02009

    • English.ini

    • Espanol.ini - Translated By Octavio Martos

    • French.ini - Translated by Aiz

    • German - Translated by René Prieß

    • Hungarian - Translated by Bakó

    • Indonesia Gaul.ini - Translated By Yudi Sitepu (MacTepu)

    • Indonesia Resmi.ini - Translated By Yudi Sitepu (MacTepu)

    • Italian.ini - Translated By Wonko the Sane and edborg & bovirus

    • Nederlands - Translated by Ivar Hendriks and revised by Taco

    • Polski.ini - Translated By Damian K

    • Portugues.ini - Translated By Greifell Borges

    • Romanian.ini - Translated By Sir Deiu

    • Russian.ini - Translated by dFine2k

    • Serbian.ini - Ivan Starchevicy

    • Swedish.ini - Translated by Virtual-R

    • TÜRKÇE.ini - Translated by members of

    • Czech.ini (v2.1.744+) - Translated by PD

Please note: The latest version of RMPrepUSB and downloads for the Tutorials are in the Latest Downloads section.

Note: The versions of RMPrepUSB below may have less features than the latest Beta version or may contain bugs which have been fixed in the Beta version.

Unless you are ultra-cautious, I recommend you use the latest Beta version of RMPrepUSB.