Fix for 'Vertical page scrolling not working in Excel'


Vertical scrolling works in Browsers, etc. but it does not work in Microsoft Excel.

Horizontal scrolling works OK.


Install the correct mouse\touchpad driver from the system manufacturers website - do NOT use Windows Driver Update!.

The most common scenario is when using a laptop and the vertical scrolling is done using two fingers on the touch pad surface.

Windows Device Manager will install an incorrect/outdated driver.

You should install the correct touchpad\trackpad\mouse driver by going to the manufacturers website and downloading the correct driver for your make of touchpad and OS.

Note that some models of laptop are fitted with several different alternate makes\models of touchpad in different batches of the same notebook model.

E.g. Alps, Synaptics, Elan, etc.

Ensure you pick the correct driver for whichever touchpad model is fitted to your particular system.