133 - How to edit Cookies

Most web sites will cause your browser to store 'Cookies' on your computer.

These Cookies are used to store data locally on your system's disk.

Sometimes it is useful to be able to edit the cookie data.

For instance, some websites go though the 'Ezoic' domain servers which can change the page layout and add more AdSense and other advertisements to each page. The Ezoic site scripts store cookies on your computer to ensure that every time you visit the same site, you will always get the same page layout that you had before. It can be useful to change the information inside each cookie.

Because each browser stores Cookies in a different location, please follow the instructions below for your particular web browser.

Google Chrome and Opera Next

I recommend you install the free EditThisCookie browser extension.

Once installed, go to the site you are interested in (e.g. www.easy2boot.com) and then click on the EditThisCookie icon

Now click on the cookie you want to edit - e.g. active_template::17335

Now you can directly edit the Value contents and then click the green tick icon to save the change.


Install a Cookie Manager Add-on e.g. Cookies Manager+

Now search for the site name - e.g. easy2boot

Double-click on the required cookie - e.g. active_template::17335

Edit the Content field and save it.

Microsoft Edge

You can use the built-in Developer Tools - load the desired web page and press F12.

Now select the Cookies entry in the left-hand column and look for the site name (e.g. www.easy2boot.com).

You can now directly edit Value entry as required. e.g. active_template::17335