Update the Viseeo MB-2 Bluetooth Firmware using Windows 7

I hope this helps someone who has been as frustrated as I was when trying to get a Viseeo MB-2 Bluetooth device updated using Windows 7...

IMPORTANT! If you have Windows 7 64-bit or Vista 64-bit, then you cannot (AFAIK) update the bluetooth firmware using your version of Windows!!!!!

In order to update the bluetooth firmware you need to use Windows XP, Vista 32-bit or Windows 7 32-bit (i.e. only the 32-bit OS versions work!).

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To check if you have a 64-bit version of Windows, hold down the [Windows key] (the one on the left of the space bar with a four-part flag on it) and then press and release the [Pause/Break key] - if you see the words System Type 64-bit Operating System, then you have a 64-bit operating system and the bluetooth update will not work running on your system. The CPU update will work however if you have the correct special cable.

For Windows XP systems, follow the instructions in the Viseeo PDF here.

Visit http://www.viseeo.com/ugc_down.asp and use register to get a login. For Downloads select Bluetooth Handsfree Upgrade Solutions. These downloads should then be available:

Downloads (as of July 2013)

    • ViseeO Upgrade Platform and Cable Driver (PDF with download links - must be installed first)

    • MB-2 CPU Software Update V.26 (2009-09-28)

    • MB-2 Bluetooth Firmware Version 2140_011 (2009-11-11)

    • MB-2 Upgrade Instruction (Please read before you proceed!)

Viseeo Upgrade Platform - Click Here

1. Upgrade Cable Driver for XP - Click Here

2. Upgrade Cable Driver for Vista - Click Here

3. Upgrade Cable Driver for Windows 7 - Click Here

For the CPU update

Download the appropriate 'CPU Upgrade cable Driver' for your Windows OS. e.g. Prolific_Driver_Win7_V110.exe from one of the three links above.

Download the CPU update firmware - e,g, Benz_uhi_w204_bc5_026.bin

For the Bluetooth update (32-bit Windows only)

Download the 'Visseo Upgrade Platform.zip' and install it by running VisseoSetup.exe (sic)

Download the bluetooth update firmware from here. Extract the file Bluetooth_firmware_dfu_bc5_tts_v2140_011.usb

You must install ViseeO Upgrade Platform and cable driver before the actual upgrade can begin.

Note: Before updating the Bluetooth firmware as detailed below, first update the CPU firmware by following the instructions in the PDF guide here using the software from the links given above. You can use Windows 7 64-bit or 32-bit to update the CPU firmware.

Updating the MB2 Bluetooth using Win7/Vista 32-bit

If you don't have an XP system or a 32-bit Windows 7/Vista system or cannot use a friends system, you can download and install Windows 7 32-bit onto an existing PC or notebook (see Tutorial 72a - Easy2Boot). Use Easeus Home Partition Manager to shrink your existing Windows partition - create a new NTFS partition and then install Windows 7 from a USB flash drive. A Win7 ISO can be downloaded from here.

    1. Run ViseeoSetup.exe if not already done on a Windows 32-bit system.

    2. Connect the Viseeo using the micro-usb connection at the top of the unit and wait for the LEDs to start flashing. Do NOT connect the special CPU update cable (even if you have one).

    3. Quickly press and hold the Pairing button until the pairing light starts flashing on its own.

    4. A bubble should pop up in the bottom right hand side of the screen to show that it is trying to install. Click on it and select the skip option.

    5. Go to Start Menu > Control Panel > System > Device Manager

    6. You should see a Bluetooth Radio as the top option in the items. Click on it and then right-click on the Generic Bluetooth Adapter and select Update

    7. Select the "Browse my computer for Driver Software" option

    8. Then Select the "Let me pick from a list option"

    9. Select "Have Disk" and then browse to C:\Program Files\Triamp\Upgrade\Drivers\CSRBlueCoreUSB.inf and click open

    10. Click Next and it will pop up a warning about the driver being unsigned (if you don't see this then it won't work and you have not done it correctly!)

    11. Select "Install this driver anyway"

    12. Wait for it to install - if you see an error message about it not installing correctly then the following procedure will not work!

    13. Unplug the Viseeo unit and close the Viseeo Update program if it is open.

    14. Reconnect the Viseeo cable and press the pairing button until its paired light is flashing on its own as before.

    15. Open the Viseeo Upgrade program (there should be a new icon on the Windows Desktop), select the Bluetooth option, click Next and the click Search.

    16. If you see a pop-up message about 'No USB BlueCore Modules found' at this point then you did not install the driver correctly in Steps 3-13!

    17. It should then find the unit ('Viseeo Bluetooth' should be listed) and you will be able to upgrade the bluetooth core by selecting the bluetooth upgrade file (use the Local button and select the Bluetooth_firmware_dfu_bc5_tts_v2140_011.usb file.)

    18. Click on Burn and the update should proceed.

    19. Click on Cancel and OK to quit the program

    20. Unplug the USB cable and go try it!

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