005 – ChromiumOS

Ever wondered what Chromium OS was like? Why not try it. You can install it to a USB Flash Memory drive and then boot from the USB drive to try it. Here is how:

Or try the latest Hexxeh Lime build which has extra hardware drivers added from here (currently discontinued!). e.g. ChromeOS-Lime-2237.0.2012_07_08_1610-rccf8f959.img requires 2 GB USB drive.

  1. Download the latest USB version from here – use the ‘Download the USB image’ large button
  2. Use 7Zip or anything similar to unpack the .img file from the downloaded .tar.gz file
  3. Insert a USB drive of at least 2GB in capacity
  4. Run RMPrepUSb and choose ‘File–>USB‘, then select the img file you just unpacked (e.g. ChromeOS-Flow.img) – choose 0 as start byte, 0 as USB start sector, 0 as file length.
  5. When the copy has finished click on the Eject button

Now go try it! Login with Username=facepunch, password=facepunch.

Note: Most emulators will not work – use real hardware!


CubLinux ISO can be added to a Easy2Boot USB drive directly (sourceforge download here)

Easy2Boot (E2B) is popular multiboot USB solution that also contains agFM and Ventoy. It supports both Legacy and UEFI.
Simply copy on your bootable ISO files to the E2B USB drive and boot! Boot to DOS, Linux, Windows Install ISOs (XP>Win11),
automate Windows installs, WIM files, VHD files, images of flash drives, Linux ISO+persistence, etc.
E2B is unique in that it uses partition images which allows you to directly boot from Secure Boot images (no need to disable Secure Boot or run MOK manager or modify your UEFI BIOS).


The following eBooks (in PDF format) are available from the developer (rated 4.5/5 stars).

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