Licensing of RMPrepUSB

RMPartUSB.exe and RMPrepUSB.exe were originally developed by me (Steve Si) for RM Education.

RM have given their permission for these programs to be made publicly available and these utilities are free for public, non-commercial use.

The downloads for RMPrepUSB also contain some helper programs which are distributed under GPL licence or with the original author’s permission.

If you use any content from this site for your own site or blog or YouTube video, please acknowledge this site as the source. Any verbatim copying of large portions of articles from this site is against copyright laws.

You must not host for download, share, distribute or sell copies of RMPrepUSB.exe or RMPartUSB.exe

So the basic terms of use for RMPrepUSB.exe and RMPartUSB.exe are:

  1. FreeWare, Closed Source, Propietary – free for private use by any individual
  2. Must not be distributed publicly (via any means both physical or electronic/web based) without permission.
  3. Must not be sold (or included in a product which is sold) without permission
  4. Source code is not available (though please ask if you require any help in specific areas).
  5. Can be used internally by commercial companies but should not be given to their customers or end users without permission/licensing agreement. End customers can be directed to this website if they wish to download it themselves or multi-user licenses can be purchased.
  6. Patches, language files, etc. sent to the author will relinquish any ownership rights
  7. Use of the software is at your own risk. No responsibility can be taken for any data loss or other damage which these utilities may cause.

Explanation of licensing terms

RM Education plc are a commercial company, and as such they would not want other commercial companies to use this intellectual property to their own competitive advantage.

If you wish to distribute these utilities as part of your own solution, you must ask permission and make it clear to your end users that these utilities cannot be freely distributed or sold.

RM may charge a licence fee if you wish to use these RMPrepUSB or RMPartUSB as part of a commercial solution to supply to your end users/customers (1000+).

For quantities over 1000, please email [email protected] (attn: Classroom Technologies) for pricing details. For quantities below 1000, please contact me.

Unless there are special circumstances or you have purchased a licence, re-distribution of the products from your own site is not permitted.

Note: Only the RMPartUSB.exe and RMPrepUSB.exe programs will be covered by the licence/permission – other ‘helper’ utilities such as WinContig are not covered and you must ensure you have the correct rights to use/distribute them by contacting the authors or checking their own licensing conditions (e.g. GPL). Only ‘reasonable endeavours’ support can be offered if the product is licensed by RM (please try before you buy!).

Any private donations made to this website will go towards maintenance and development of this site – such donations do not give rights to any form of licensing or access to the source code or distribution rights or support.

Acknowledgements: The author has spent much of his own time developing and improving these utilities and this website with the help of many others from reboot.prowho have also been very generous with their help, time and advice. Most of the tutorials on this site use Chenall’s grub4dos and much of the grub4dos batch coding has been inspired, copied, improved or changed from original scripts by Chenall and others.


This Windows 32-bit Visual Basic 6 software is FreeWare (not open source) and the .exe file can be freely used/copied/distributed by anyone provided you do not hold the developer responsible for any data loss/damage.

Easy2Boot (E2B) is popular multiboot USB solution that also contains agFM and Ventoy. It supports both Legacy and UEFI.
Simply copy on your bootable ISO files to the E2B USB drive and boot! Boot to DOS, Linux, Windows Install ISOs (XP>Win11),
automate Windows installs, WIM files, VHD files, images of flash drives, Linux ISO+persistence, etc.
E2B is unique in that it uses partition images which allows you to directly boot from Secure Boot images (no need to disable Secure Boot or run MOK manager or modify your UEFI BIOS).


The following eBooks (in PDF format) are available from the developer (rated 4.5/5 stars).

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