Abstradrome HDD Regenerator is a data recovery utility for hard drives that may have bad sectors.

If you install this software (free to try for 90 days, but the free version – click to download only repairs one bad sector), then you can use it to create a bootable CD or a bootable USB drive. You can read an article on it here. This software may be helpful if you have a hard disk with bad sectors and you have important files on it. The software will create a bootable CD or USB drive for you once it has been installed.Unsupported embed

If you have tried to recover files from a corrupt disk using TestDisk (see Tutorial #28) but the recovery stops because a hard disk error has been found, then use HDD regenerator to try to fix the errors first before you run TestDisk.Unsupported embed

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The instructions below detail how to make an image of this USB drive and add it to your grub4dos multiboot menu. if you don’t already have a multiboot USB drive, you can make one using RMPrepUSB by following one of the other Tutorials on this website. Alternatively, just use RMPrepUSB to prepare a USB flash drive or USB hard disk and format it as ‘FAT32 + Boot as HDD’ and then click on the Install grub4dos button to make it into a bootable drive.

1. Make a USB drive using the utility.

2. If you want to add the image to an Easy2Boot USB drive, drag-and-drop the USB drive letter\icon in Explorer onto the MPI_FAT32 Desktop shortcut.

If you want to make a floppy disk image, find a blank 2.88MB .ima floppy image file – open it using WinImage and drag-and-drop the files from the USB drive into WinImage.

Then save the .ima file.

Now you can add the .ima file to a grub4dos bootable USB drive using the menu entry:

title HDD Regnerator\nDOS-based disk repair utiity

map (fd0) /HDDRegen.ima

map –hook

root (fd0)

chainloader /IO.sys


3. Finally go test it! Either use the RMPrepUSB QEMU button (F11) or boot from the multiboot stick on a real system and test out the new app!

Test using the QEMU Test button in RMPrepUSB…

Easy2Boot (E2B) is popular multiboot USB solution that also contains agFM and Ventoy. It supports both Legacy and UEFI.
Simply copy on your bootable ISO files to the E2B USB drive and boot! Boot to DOS, Linux, Windows Install ISOs (XP>Win11),
automate Windows installs, WIM files, VHD files, images of flash drives, Linux ISO+persistence, etc.
E2B is unique in that it uses partition images which allows you to directly boot from Secure Boot images (no need to disable Secure Boot or run MOK manager or modify your UEFI BIOS).


The following eBooks (in PDF format) are available from the developer (rated 4.5/5 stars).

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